Funeral Services

A Reflect bereavement ceremony can offer a more personal recollection, tribute or celebration of life, paying tribute to a family member or friend but is in no way hostile to the religious beliefs of any faith. They can be of a Humanist perspective as well as from a semi-religious or religious perspective.

The ceremony itself can be arranged through a series of discussions, which take place a few days after the passing of a loved one, enabling the family to get to know Alan and for Alan to understand the family's needs, feelings and emotions towards that particular unique individual.

 Discussions are highly individual and confidential and suggestions are welcome for all aspects of the ceremony. Initial consultation enables you to choose the most fitting and appropriate ceremony, whilst ensuring that no offence is caused to people of different faiths and backgrounds.

Alan has organised and officiated at many hundreds of ceremonies over several years, receiving many memorable testimonies. All have spoken of the highly moving and motivated ceremonies, comprising of sincere content and have been given a fitting and lasting tribute, offering them comfort and understanding in their final goodbye.

 Alan understands that each service needs to be unique and personal, remembering each individual for who they were in their own special way.

Ceremonies held by Alan can incorporate hymns and religious readings if requested as well as personal tributes, readings and poems that have no religious content. Music of your choice can also be a poignant addition and can speak volumes emotionally. All ceremonies contain a quiet period of reflection for those who wish to reflect in their own personal way, how ever they wish.