Wedding Ceremonies

A wonderful ceremony created by any one of our trained Wedding Celebrants. Spoken with warmth and feeling and delivered from the heart, our ceremonies are tailor-made to contain special meaning for couples and parents wishing to celebrate a unique celebration.

Wedding Celebrants are Independent Celebrants offering wedding and civil partnership ceremonies. The Association of Independent Celebrants has many members with a wealth of wedding experience.

Celebrants deliver a beautifully tailored wedding service, designed with the couple to reflect their individual needs and to create a memorable ceremony.

Whether planning a formal, white wedding, an affirmation, or something less conventional, the couple's enjoyment of the ceremony is paramount.

A traditional church wedding, with ritual and religious words does not fit with everyone's outlook on life or hopes for the future. Our individually designed ceremony can have as much or as little religious content as couples and families want.

Designed around a standard framework, the laws governing Register Office weddings strictly control what can be said or done during the ceremony. For example, it is not currently possible to be legally married outdoors, and there are also limitations on the time, place and content of ceremonies. Register Office weddings cannot contain religious content.

Unlike Register Office weddings, a Celebrant Ceremony can take place anywhere and be designed to suit the individuals concerned. Ceremonies may be as dignified and serious as a church wedding, but with the religious element replaced by words and music that have real meaning for the couple.

Ceremonies can be as creative and romantic as the couple want. Celebrant ceremonies have been held in gardens, marquees, on boats, in castles, and on beaches.

Many couples choose to stand facing their guests, for a more open and inclusive feeling. Similarly, couples with children can make them a part of the ceremony. No two ceremonies are the same – they can be as traditional or as unusual as suits the couple.

A wide range of readings, poems, songs, music and elements from many cultures can be incorporated.

Anyone can speak, and many couples choose close family members and close friends to actively participate in the ceremony.

The vows can say whatever you wish to say. The chosen celebrant can advise and guide on all aspects of the ceremony.

The choice is yours


  • For thousands of years lovers have exchanged rings as a token of their vows. These simple gold bands are not of great value in themselves but are made precious by our wearing them.
  • These simple gold bands are not of great value in them selves but are made precious by our wearing of them.
  • Your rings say that even in your uniqueness you have chosen to be bound together.
  • Let these rings also be a sign that love has substance as well as soul, a present as well as a past, and that, despite its occasional sorrows,
  • Love is a circle of happiness, wonder, and delight.
  • Just as the circle is without end, your love for each other is eternal
  • Just as it is made of indestructible substance it is a commitment that will never fail
  • So it is said 'with this ring I take you to be my trusted confidante and partner for life

It is important to point out that by English Law you must have already been legally married before your 'Special' wedding ceremony takes place. After which this ceremony can take place anywhere and at anytime you wish.